Ayurveda is the Indian science of natural medicine and healing that has its origins from over thousands of years ago. It is the form of natural healing that was invented in ancient India where healing involves the five elements of life, air, water, earth, fire and the sky. Herbs are extracted using different techniques from various trees and are used alongside with other treatments containing five elements known to human beings to make up their very own existence including that of the plants, animals and the very universe in which we live in. Some of the very first surgeries in the world were known to have been done in India during the time of Sashruta, an ancient Indian surgeon known to be the father of old-world Indian medicine and is ascertained to have performed the first plastic in the world, a nose reattachment on a soldier whose nose was cut off in a battle. There are treatments and cures available for some of today’s most life threatening and infectious diseases that are out of bounds of scientists and doctors, however their scientific basis yet needs to be proved as research is still being carried out on it by modern medical research institutes. Ayurveda products and medicines made from different plants and herbs naturally growing in the forests of India have been known to heal Indians for over thousands of years before the arrival of modern medicine. People survived those hard epidemic times because there was something available back then that carried on with the existence of our Indian people and that was the treasure trove of the secret art of natural healing called Ayurveda. There are no medical side-effects of Ayurvedic medicine as it is made out of herbs and is a natural form of medicine.

Medicall India has tie-ups with families across India that have been practicing ayurveda through generations after generations, carrying on the secret legacy of of their forefathers’ art of Ayurveda healing. They are certified Ayurveda practitioners who possess the skills and the expertise in Ayurveda. Our list includes the successful treatments our clients sought here from our Ayurvedacharyas (an Ayurveda doctor). Those are:

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis and Arthritis- Cure available. We have head clients with an RA factor of over a 100 with complete weight loss, in a vegetative state and life threatening conditions come and seek treatment at our Ayurveda centers in India. Most left with an RA factor of 10 or even better by the time they walked out of India. We work with known Ayurvedacharyas (Arurveda doctors) who possess the secret art of of old-world healing science of India. They prepare your medicines and you have to follow their instructions in order to get the best treatment and their best results for healing arthritis/rheumatoid arthritis. These healers possess some of the most effective knowledge, skills and expertise that’s one of a kind and aren’t available elsewhere in the world. People who couldn’t walk or were in a vegetative state (can’t move around at all because of excruciating body pain) started walking again and became bedridden after seeking treatment procedures offered at our various Ayurveda centers and their successful results helped us in generating an influx of clients from around the world within a short span of time. Treatments vary from person to person and case to case sometimes even taking upto nine months to a year in the worst case scenarios. One has to appear in person in order to get started with arthritis/rheumatoid arthritis treatment and we provide visa services for those kinds of services upon getting started.
  • Asthma- Cure available
  • Psoriasis- Cure available
  • Diabetes- Cure available
  • Migraine- Cure available

There are other cures available for various other illnesses as well but our expert Ayurvedacharyas claim to cure these through the secret natural medicine recipe knowledge passed on to them from one generation to the next.

Arrangements for you - We have tied-up with the best in class hotels in Delhi and the neighboring areas along with quality guest houses for cheaper so that when you come to India by yourself or with your travel partner for an Ayurvedic treatment, we have you settled in for cheap, and cheap in our case doesn’t mean compromising with the quality. We have bought special rates from these hotels/guest houses to make your stay cheaper, safer and full of delight as you seek Ayurvedic treatment in India. Meals for you and someone accompanying you will be included in the monthly price packages and hotels/guesthouses will serve you the food of your choice upon prior request. Our partner hotels have all kinds of facilities available on t on their premises including daily newspapers, wifi, laptop availability, laundry services, taxi services, money exchange services, saunas and spas, yoga and meditation and much more.

So, send in your request and we can get started on your treatment at the earliest by expediting the whole process and arranging everything from A to Z for you in a customized manner with a trip that’s designed just for you.


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Side Trips

Agra Tour
Your tour to the country is incoherent without being in Agra. If the world would have been a book then the name of Agra would surely have been embellished with gold and gems and precious stone. It is the Mughal capital of India, who reared it with the rich Indo-Islamic culture and adorned it with numerous monumental heritages that today it is call the city of architectural wonders. Agra city - the land of the Mughal kings that shares its fringes with the Yamuna river is ought to be haughty as it owns , the Taj Mahal, the wonder of the world, that with time has become the symbol of eternal love.
Delhi Tour
New Delhi, the capital of India, is the name to call forth if you are planning a visit to India. The city known for its traditions, culture, fashion, hospitality and for the most popular empire that ruled the city - the Mughals that have extended the popularity to such an extent that today every walled city of India, has a 'Delhi Gate'. Stepping into this historical city will have a deja-vu effect on you, as the Mughul heritage, can be witnessed in every nook and corner of the city.
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Travel to the most visited destination in the myriad India - Kerala, 'God's Own Country'. The drawing card of this state lies in its greenery, beaches, Ayurvedic regimes, wildlife, adventures and amiable nature of the people. Life in Kerala revolves around the waterways and hence the best way to explore the beauty of the state is by taking a backwater cruise in Kerala. More than seeing the monumental heritage, Kerala offers indulgence in activities that are peerless in the world.
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Visiting Goa is a traveler's delight. Crystal clear beaches with impeccable adventure thrills, pristine landscape dotted architectural churches, ancient houses reminding of Colonial rule, are what make Goa fringed high on rating scale. Visit Goa when the sunrises, see Goa after the sunsets, it is the most applicable definition of this 'Pearl of the East'.
Rajasthan Tour
Rajasthan the glorious land of valor and heroism is the most vibrant part of India. Blessed with majestic forts, magnificent palaces, stretches of sand dunes, serene lakes and natural surroundings, Rajasthan portrays an amazing diversity in all its forms. Come, experience Rajasthan! A land drenched in hues and history. A magical sojourn reverberating with age-old culture and tradition.
Kullu Manali Tour
Manali is situated at an altitude of 2,050 m on banks of Beas River 40 Kms from Kullu City on the nationalhighway leading to Leh is a famous hill station in Himachal Pradesh near the northern end of the Kullu Valley. Kullu Manali is one of the most favourable Hill Station in Himachal Pradesh and becoming more popular among Honeymoon couples, Families and Youth. It is easily reachable by Road from Delhi, Chandigarh, Shimla, Amritsar etc. One can enjoy Snow from Nov to Apr / May every year. Rohtang Pass is one of the favourite tourist places to visit.
Andaman Tour
The Andaman & Nicobar group of islands are a group of scenic islands nestled in the eastern part of Bay of Bengal. Altogether there are some 572 islands, tiny islets and rocks - some inhabited and some not -all with rolling terrain, with ridges and spurs all over with subterranean inlets and creeks due to underwater gorges.