Ayurveda is the Indian science of natural medicine and healing that has its origins from over thousands of years ago. It is the form of natural healing that was invented in ancient India where healing involves the five elements of life, air, water, earth, fire and the sky. Herbs are extracted using different techniques from various trees and are used alongside with other treatments containing five elements known to human beings to make up their very own existence including that of the plants, animals and the very universe in which we live in. Some of the very first surgeries in the world were known to have been done in India during the time of Sashruta, an ancient Indian surgeon known to be the father of old-world Indian medicine and is ascertained to have performed the first plastic in the world, a nose reattachment on a soldier whose nose was cut off in a battle. There are treatments and cures available for some of today’s most life threatening and infectious diseases that are out of bounds of scientists and doctors, however their scientific basis yet needs to be proved as research is still being carried out on it by modern medical research institutes. Ayurveda products and medicines made from different plants and herbs naturally growing in the forests of India have been known to heal Indians for over thousands of years before the arrival of modern medicine. People survived those hard epidemic times because there was something available back then that carried on with the existence of our Indian people and that was the treasure trove of the secret art of natural healing called Ayurveda. There are no medical side-effects of Ayurvedic medicine as it is made out of herbs and is a natural form of medicine.

Medicall India has tie-ups with families across India that have been practicing ayurveda through generations after generations, carrying on the secret legacy of of their forefathers’ art of Ayurveda healing. They are certified Ayurveda practitioners who possess the skills and the expertise in Ayurveda. Our list includes the successful treatments our clients sought here from our Ayurvedacharyas (an Ayurveda doctor). Those are:

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis and Arthritis- Cure available. We have head clients with an RA factor of over a 100 with complete weight loss, in a vegetative state and life threatening conditions come and seek treatment at our Ayurveda centers in India. Most left with an RA factor of 10 or even better by the time they walked out of India. We work with known Ayurvedacharyas (Arurveda doctors) who possess the secret art of of old-world healing science of India. They prepare your medicines and you have to follow their instructions in order to get the best treatment and their best results for healing arthritis/rheumatoid arthritis. These healers possess some of the most effective knowledge, skills and expertise that’s one of a kind and aren’t available elsewhere in the world. People who couldn’t walk or were in a vegetative state (can’t move around at all because of excruciating body pain) started walking again and became bedridden after seeking treatment procedures offered at our various Ayurveda centers and their successful results helped us in generating an influx of clients from around the world within a short span of time. Treatments vary from person to person and case to case sometimes even taking upto nine months to a year in the worst case scenarios. One has to appear in person in order to get started with arthritis/rheumatoid arthritis treatment and we provide visa services for those kinds of services upon getting started.
  • Asthma- Cure available
  • Psoriasis- Cure available
  • Diabetes- Cure available
  • Migraine- Cure available

There are other cures available for various other illnesses as well but our expert Ayurvedacharyas claim to cure these through the secret natural medicine recipe knowledge passed on to them from one generation to the next.

Arrangements for you - We have tied-up with the best in class hotels in Delhi and the neighboring areas along with quality guest houses for cheaper so that when you come to India by yourself or with your travel partner for an Ayurvedic treatment, we have you settled in for cheap, and cheap in our case doesn’t mean compromising with the quality. We have bought special rates from these hotels/guest houses to make your stay cheaper, safer and full of delight as you seek Ayurvedic treatment in India. Meals for you and someone accompanying you will be included in the monthly price packages and hotels/guesthouses will serve you the food of your choice upon prior request. Our partner hotels have all kinds of facilities available on t on their premises including daily newspapers, wifi, laptop availability, laundry services, taxi services, money exchange services, saunas and spas, yoga and meditation and much more.

So, send in your request and we can get started on your treatment at the earliest by expediting the whole process and arranging everything from A to Z for you in a customized manner with a trip that’s designed just for you.


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Medicall India provides a Full Service Suite for:
  • The Patient
  • One accompanying ‘Medical Attendant’
Before you leave for India

Medical Triage by our Clinicians
Medicall India experienced team of clinicians will analyze your medical history and provide an assessment of the most appropriate treatment for you. They will then use decades of clinical experience and local knowledge of New Delhi’s hospitals and doctors to pick the best hospital and doctor for your situation. Medicall India Healthcare is India’s only healthcare facilitator with actual clinical staff evaluating which hospital and which doctor are best for your treatment amongst New Delhi’s 36 accredited hospitals and 1000+ specialist doctors. Click here to learn more about our team of clinicians

Initial Enquiry/Consultation
After a treatment is identified and you are assigned to the best hospital and specialist doctor, Medicall India Healthcare will arrange an initial enquiry/consultation with the specialist doctor over video-conferencing where you will get a chance to get comfortable with the doctor, understand the treatment identified and ask any questions

Medicall India Healthcare will help you complete all formalities for a visa to India and handle all communications with the Indian Embassy/High Commission in your country

Booking Transportation
You will receive complete assistance in booking a flight to New Delhi that matches your budget, the timing of your treatment and your schedule

Booking Accommodation
You will receive complete assistance in booking an accommodation close to your hospital and within your budget. Click here for more on hotel accommodations. In most of our network hospitals, the medical attendant accompanying the patient is entitled to complimentary stay in the hospital for the duration of the patient’s treatment and stay in the hospital

Arranging Medical Travel Insurance
All Medicall India Healthcare patients are eligible for privileged rates with Global Protective Solutions, a leading Medical Travel Insurance provider. This insurance helps cover unplanned expenses in the event of trip delays/cancellations, accidents during your trip and complications resulting from your medical treatment after you return home. You can sign up for this service online or our manager can help you with it at your local Medicall India Healthcare office

While you're in India

Patient Manager (PM)/Interpreter
You will be assigned a patient manager (PM)/interpreter who will be at your beck and call and will be responsible for all your needs from the moment you land in India. For your comfort, your PM will be the same gender as you and will fluently speak, read and write your language as well as English and Hindi. They will help you with all your logistical needs as well as guide you through all aspects of your medical care. Their first point of contact with you will be an introductory phone call, 24hours before you board your flight to India, which will allow you to get comfortable with them

Private transportation to and from Airport to Hospital/ Hotel
You will be picked up at the international airport by your patient manager (PM)/interpreter in an air-conditioned vehicle. They will transport you to your hotel/the hospital as and when you desire

Hospital Admission, Hotel Check In
Your patient manager (PM)/interpreter will help you check in to your hotel and with all registration formalities with the hospital you’re receiving treatment at

Money Exchange
Medicall India Healthcare will help you exchange your foreign currency into Rupees to pay for local transactions as well as your procedure at competitive rates comparable to the rates offered by international agencies like Thomas Cook. US Dollars and Euros are the preferred currencies and will be easiest to exchange

TV in your language
To ensure you feel at home, you’ll have access to television in your own language in addition to the standard Indian channels

All personal laundry will be taken care of during your stay at the hospital

International Cuisines
You will have access to a variety of Indian and Continental cuisine, including cuisine from your home country when possible

Daily Newspaper
You’ll have access to a daily version of local Indian newspapers

Utility Kit, Fruit Basket
You will be given a new fruit basket and a utility kit consisting of soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, shaving cream, moisturizer (replaced every week)

*Pre-paid cellphone
Upon request, Medicall India Healthcare can provide you access to a local cell-phone and a prepaid SIM card to keep in touch with your loved ones in India and in your home country

Upon request, Medicall India Healthcare can provide you access to a PC and high speed internet connection

Patient Update Center
Medicall India exclusive ‘Patient Update Center’ allows your loved ones at home to keep tabs on your well being. It is a security enabled web tracking system, updated daily by your personal assistant/interpreter, that tracks your whereabouts and the latest details on your treatment and allows your loved ones to access them. Click here to access the ‘Patient Update Center’

Embassy Assistance and Government Paperwork
Medicall India staff in New Delhi will help you connect with the Embassy of your country and take care of all government paperwork on your behalf

Indian Hospitality
Every step of the way, our staff will be living up to our motto of “taking your family’s healthcare, personally” and giving you the best of Indian Hospitality

After your discharge from the hospital

Tours and Sightseeing
We believe that every patient is our guest. And in India, guests receive a very majestic treatment. While, in India, right from receiving you in the airport, to bidding farewell, we will take care of your complete needs. From travel logistics to staying and transportation needs, we look after your complete travel requirements.
Apart from providing you the best of medical attention with some of the world-class hospitals in India, we also allow you to recuperate and rejuvenate after surgery, in some of the best spas and resorts. We provide tour packages, in some of the most breath-taking and stunning locations in India, according to your needs.
Moreover, we even arrange for interpreters, for those clients who face difficulty in understanding English. We are also equipped with a well-trained professional staff, who will guide you through your stay in India, and assist you during hotel check-ins, and completing admission formalities in hospital.
Our services are specially designed, to cater to a variety of clients. Traveling and lodging facilities aside, we also arrange excellent healthcare packages, doctor appointments and provide special care and other facilities for the patients, so that they remain in a very relaxed condition. Medicall is officially partnered with the Ministry Of Tourism, Govt. of India, to offer numerous enhancing and rejuvenating packages, in some of the most exotic locations of India. So apart from getting nursed back to health, you can relax and enjoy your vacation in any part of India; from Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Kerela to Rajasthan and the North-east.

A relaxing spa at the conclusion of your treatment can be the perfect way to unwind. Medicall India Healthcare will connect you to the best experiences in town

Post Treatment Follow-Up
After your treatment and return home, we will arrange a tele-consultation with your treating doctor and arrange a supply of post-procedure medicines

All services are included in the estimated cost of the medical procedure. Services warranting an extra charge are marked with a *